Location for Drizzle Developer Day

Drizzle Developer Day 2011 will be held Friday April 15th at the Santa Clara Hilton Hotel in the Coastal Ballroom (map) which is right across from the Santa Clara Convention center. We will get started around 9:30 a.m. and should finish up by 4:00 p.m.

We invite anyone interested in providing feedback, implementing new features, helping to fix bugs, or just wanting to learn more about Drizzle to attend. Make sure to sign up here as soon as possible as space is limited.

Hope to see you there


Drizzle 2011.03.14 tarball has been released

Drizzle source tarball, version 2011.03.14 has been released.
This is the first release of the Fremont series and is a development release.  Our stable GA release can be found here.  Future releases to the Elliott series will be announced appropriately.
In this release:

  • multi-master replication available via slave plugin. Single master replication works as it has previously (some changes to config file required)
  • split libdrizzle v 1.0 and 2.0
  • Code refactoring (Thanks to Olaf van der Spek for his efforts here!)
  • Code cleanup (mysys, etc)
  • Various bug fixes


Look for xtrabackup soon!

The Drizzle download file can be found here.

FreeBSD support is not going away just yet – UPDATED

Hi everyone! Just wanted to announce that Drizzle will stop supporting FreeBSD moving forward. We will continue to build on the platform, but will no longer run our test suite.

If someone in the community wants to take over maintenance of Drizzle on FreeBSD, we would be delighted! It is simply a matter of it taking too much of our limited time to keep things running on this system.

UPDATE:  As you can see below, we’ve had the FreeBSD port maintainer offer to help us keep things going.  Go open source! : )

Drizzle GA roundup

Hi there.  In case you happened to miss it, Drizzle went GA ; )

The response has been tremendous…it is all kinds of rewarding to see new faces in IRC and to have feedback from new users.  We’ve seen lots of new visitors to the blog and our download numbers have been most satisfying.  Thank you for giving Drizzle a spin.

Here are some quick bits of news that you may have missed:

We have some very, very interesting things cooking up for the 2011 MySQL User’s Conference and we hope to see you there.  Please remember to sign up for Drizzle Developer Day or Google Summer of Code if you are interested…time is running out.

We’d also really love to have more feedback on the software.  Any thoughts from anyone deploying Drizzle?  Any questions / issues from trying it out?  Anything else?  If so, IRC, emails and launchpad will help put us in touch : )

Drizzle 2011.03.13 GA tarball has been released!

Drizzle source tarball version 2011.03.13 has been released.  This is a GA release (and just in time for the ides of March) >: )

* Apologies for any confusion with version 2011.03.12 (see the url for this entry…) and announcements – there was an issue with the release process that necessitated cutting another tarball.  2011.03.13 is good to go

It’s been a long and crazy road to get to this point and the team would like to thank everyone that has helped us get here.  Every patch, bug report, and thought-provoking question has been invaluable in getting Drizzle this solid.

For quick summaries of what has been going on with the team, please check out Andrew Hutching’s terrific ‘Last Week In Drizzle‘ series

For a general rundown of how we differ from MySQL, see here

Here is a partial list of what you can find inside:

  • Documentation is sphinx-based and available in-tree or online.  It should be noted that they are licensed under Creative Commons!
  • Replication solutions will be log based.  Both file-based and innodb-table based versions of the log are available and have been heavily tested / validated.
  • Native replication available via the slave plugin.  This solution utilizes the innodb-based replication log and has been subjected to significant testing.  Check out a simple example here.  You can check out David Shrewsbury’s replication related blog posts here
  • Easy migration from MySQL systems via the Drizzledump tool.
  • Drizzleadmin tool – used to bypass the protocol’s max-connections setting to do tasks such as killing queries or clients.
  • libdrizzle is included in the tree (no longer a separate project) and is BSD licensed
  • DATA_DICTIONARY for custom, Drizzle-specific tables and data
  • Innodb tables by default
  • MyISAM available (temporary tables)
  • Removed archive, blackhole, csv, and other engines (these can be reintroduced if faced with enough demand).
  • HailDB engine = embedded Innodb, but better
  • Pluggable authentication
  • SQLAlchemy integration – we now pass their test suite and use it as part of our build and test system
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Initial work for catalogs
  • And tons more!

Please consult the documentation as a first resource.  Contact us via our mailing lists, launchpad, or IRC if you have any questions

The Drizzle download file can be found here

Drizzle sessions at the 2011 MySQL UC

There are a large number of Drizzle sessions at this years’ MySQL UC.  If you want to know more about what you’ll be using instead of MySQL in the very near future, come and check them out ; )

The team will be blogging individually about their various presentations in greater detail in the future, so keep an eye out on Planet Drizzle!

Additionally, the Friday after the conference will be Drizzle Developer Day .  It will be a good opportunity to learn more, provide feedback, etc

Here is a 25% discount code to use in case you haven’t registered yet:  mys11fsd: http://oreil.ly/goaqst.

Drizzle 2011.03.11 Release Candidate has been released

Drizzle source tarball, version 2011.03.11 has been released.  For those of you counting at home, that makes two…two RC’s…ah ah hah! : )

While the original plan was to release a GA today, there are still some features we wanted to test more thoroughly before calling things good.  The plan is to have a GA release on 3/14.  The code is amazingly solid at this point and we feel confident in asking people to start to use it seriously.  Please help us test the heck out of Drizzle to get ready for GA!

If you want the latest and greatest Drizzle news, we highly recommend LinuxJedi’s Last Week in Drizzle feature.

Most of the work in this release has been polish, polish, and more polish as we near our first GA!

In this release:

  • New native replication solution – the slave plugin!  This allows a Drizzle server to replicate from a master that is using the innodb replication log.  Read more about this here and here
  • Because you asked for it – MySQL BIT operators are back (thanks to Brian Aker for this)
  • Continued work on system variables
  • Continued work on catalogs
  • Continued work on SQLAlchemy dialect / Drizzle interoperability
  • Fixes for various performance regressions
  • Continued work on documentation
  • random query generator integration with new test runner
  • Over 30 bug fixes

The Drizzle download file can be found here.