Drizzle build 1802 tarball has been released

Drizzle source tarball based on build 1802 has been released.

This is our Drizzle7 beta release.  Please test away!

In this release:

  • kernel options uses boost program_options, replaced my_getopt
  • csv, archive, and blackhole tables are not enabled by default, need –plugin-add <name> to use them
  • significant work on the transaction log – testing + bug fixes.  This provides the infrastructure for replication.
  • drizzledump can now be used to migrate MySQL->Drizzle directly (no intermediate dump files)
  • session/memory uses boost specific
  • thread system based on boost
  • improvements in configuration file processing
  • merge of latest from PBXT 1.0.11-7 + new PBXT tests and bug fixes
  • introduction of session performance table (not built by default)
  • initial work on catalog support
  • introduction of Sphinx-based documentation within the source tree
  • stress testing of the data_dictionary tables (high concurrency scenarios) via the randgen
  • timestamps are now 64 bit and ISO compliant
  • 4 byte enum – able to handle very large enum operations
  • dates are now 4 bytes – allows us to support a full range of values
  • IO cleanup
  • 40 bug fixes

The Drizzle download file can be found here

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